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There are so many things happening and building right now it appears anything can happen at any time.

Like so many dominoes about to fall.

But what do you think will happen first?

What will be the first domino?

The big follow up 9-11 attack finally comes here in the US.

World War #3 begins in obvious ernest with the principles directly battleing.

Economic crash brings widespread food shortages and riots across country.

Sucession of states/civil war /revolution begins.

How do you see it going down? :upsidedown:

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The first nail in the coffin will be Obama's inauguration.

Probably so. With the Bush/Cheney cabal out of power, they're going to have a hard time propping up the unsustainable.

The feds have been propping up this economy for ages to protect Bush, but they couldn't manage to keep it going until after he left office; meanwhile, their friends in the war industry, the oil industry and on Wall Street have bled us dry. Now, they can go count their hoards of money while the rest of us count our little hoard of food.

American fearmaker
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The banking collapse is causing a financial collapse which will expand into an unemployment collapse which cause even more collapses and downfalls. This series of collapses is also picking up speed, like an avalanche. As more and more collapses occur, the effect will reach farther and farther out, across borders and around the world. Eventually, people with nothing to lose or those with no hope will become criminals, terrorists, militants and suicide bombers.

More and more violence will become obvious on local, regional, national and international levels. Home invasions will increase as dope using criminals seek a way to pay for their narcotics and support their addictions. Some people will turn to robbing banks and stores to try to feed their families. This surge up in crime will really begin to show itself when unemployment benefits start to dry up or disappear.

Some people or gangs who are involved in criminal activities will turn to overseas sponsors to earn money by committing terrorist acts or increase the amount of narcotics that they try to bring into our country. Many years ago both Irish Republican Army personnel and former French military personnel turned to bank robberies to get a large amount of money to fund assassinations and/or terrorist operations. Same thing could happen with this economic mess only on different scales and done by different groups. It wasn't that long ago that Libya's dictator tried to pay a black gang out of Chicago to use a Stinger missile to shoot down a passenger jet taking off from O'Hare Airport with the promise of a million dollars in small unmarked bills. Such terrorist acts are always a possibility but they become more prominent during bad economic times. Sort of what our nation and world is headed towards right now. In a year or so, we should see all sorts of strange things happening. Riots, food shortages, lack of overseas shipping, oil shortage, electrical brownouts and blackouts, heinous criminal actions and so on will probably be commonplace in the next 12 to 24 months. Just sit back and watch as things slowly unravel.

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It's going to happen so gradually that by the time the general public catches on, it will be too late.

Look at where we have come to in just the last few weeks. There was a time that a bailout for private financial firms would have been considered so ludicrous that you would be admitted for psychiatric evaluation for saying it was possible. Now, not only is a bailout OK for the banks, bailouts are all but expected for every dip**** CEO that goes to Uncle Sugar with his hand out.

I liken what will happen to an algae growth on a pond. It starts out as just a speck, but it doubles in size every day. By the time you notice the pond is half covered in algae, you only have one day left before the pond dies.

Last of the First Line
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Doesn't matter what the first step is. It won't be like a warning flare - easy for everybody to see.

It's probably already happened.

Those sorts of things are best determined by hindsight. People writing history determine what the tipping points were.

The best thing we can do is try to reasonably predict what the general outcome will be, and try to prepare for it.

I can't predict the exact future, and don't know what the tipping point will be... But I am personally preparing for a loss of services. No electricity, gas, water, food deliveries, garbage collection, road plowing, or emergency services - including fire department, EMS, and police.

It may not ever get that bad - but I will be prepared if it does, and prepared for lesser emergencies (and non-emergencies) as well.

Watchin tha world go by
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will be a slow downward spiral of -- job losses, company failures.
the next big shoes are

1st and 2nd qtr of next year the alt A and A mortgages reset, state and freddie -fannie moratoriums end on foreclosures, causing more foreclosures
store closings and corporate bankruptcies will collapse the commercial real estate
(bigger than sub prime) market, private real estate values have now dropped another 10-15%, and commercial is right behind it in its drop.

3rd Qtr numerous bank failures as there will not be the capital left to prop them up,
many due to commercial holdings, and the bundled loans on those.
unemployment hits 9-10% admitted (18-20% actual), strain on federal and state budgets from services and declining tax revenues become overwhelming with several states and many cities filing chapter 11 bankruptcies.

4th Qtr the federal budget now at a 2-3T deficit will not be able to borrow money as world in recession ( mideast from oil price drop, and china from collapsing exports) doesnt have it as they scramble to save their own A$$ES. fed res opens the gates to money supply and budgets are funded - states saved- and inflation at 12% admitted
(actual closer to 30%) by middle of 2010.

complete economic and dollar value collapse in mid 2010, accompinied by your worst urban nightmares, including riots and martial law.

Buckle Up -- stockpile - and build a group you can trust with your life --
because you will have to
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