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I am working on stocking up my camp to be ready if something happens. I am not sure what to have in it so I have been looking for advice but people think I am crazy. SO I am asking for your help. What do I need? I want to be ready for anything

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Welcome to the forum Diver,

This list is not finished yet but here goes with what I am going to buy in January, I have some stuff already and my weapon and ammo are not on there and the kit is in no order.

SHTF Essential Kit

Crow bar
Baseball bat
Gelert 7 man tent
4 quality sleeping bags
4 roll up mattresses
4 inflatable mattresses
4 survival bags
Camo tarpaulins
Para cord 500 metres
Good knife
Metal axe
Larger woodcutting axe
Metal hammer
Nails Different sizes
4 Walkie Talkie’s with at least a 10 mile range
Compass and Maps
1 Large Metal Kettle
5 Water Containers with taps
Fuel containers 6 with fuel
Inflatable wheel repair canisters 4
Fishing equipment
1 large Net to go across a stream / river
Hooks, line weights, 2 small reels
2 telescopic fishing rods
Rabbits snares, Complete sets
Some games, cards, dominoes, chess, draughts/checkers
Shower cubicle
4 Solar showers
Toilet Tent
Portable Toilet
Biodegradable Disinfectant
Solar Battery charger
reachargeable batteries
Camping stove with grill
2 gas bottles
Home made tall galor gas bottle wood burner with flu
I portable flu
4 Hot Water Bottles
4 sets of Thermal hats scarves and gloves
3 SAS masks dark green
Large slow burning candles
Cooking pots and pans Dutch Oven Set
Plastic plates and cups
Metal knives, forks and spoons
Bowls for washing up
4 x 10 litre water bottle containers with taps
2 Fire Extinguishers
Throw away lighters
Water proof matches
Cotton wool balls soaked in Vaseline put in bags
Metal mesh to cook off
Firesteel Fire starter 2
Knife Sharpening Stone
WD 40
Shovel, Pick and a Fork
Needles and cotton, sewing kit
Tablets, headache, and medication
4 wind up lanterns
2 wind up radios
4 wind up torches
First Aid Kit ( comprehensive )
Two small survival tins
Tooth Paste
Toilet Rolls
Girlie Items
Inland Flares
25 Litre Rucksack


4 stormkloth jackets with hoods
6 pairs of army trousers
8 sets of thermal underwear
4 dark green fleeces
4 dark green rain jackets
4 dark green sweatshirts
4 dark green bottoms
5 pairs of neoprene wellies
30 pairs of size 3 - 6 dark green football socks
10 pairs of size 7 - 11 dark green football socks
4 pairs of flip flops
Face cloths
T towels
Hand towels
Heavy Duty Trash bags
4 Whistless
4 can openers
Air Tight Containers

Packets of different vegatable seeds, easy growing low maintenance ones
I will have to give the food list some serious thought

If anyone can add to this list, please do as I would be very grateful.

How's it with stains?
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... so I have been looking for advice but people think I am crazy.
Some of our friends thought we were crazy that we wanted to get completely out of debt and save up a bunch of money before we jumped into buying a house. Don't worry about what people think - people are idiots. I say give them a chance to understand the reasons why you're doing this, but, if they're so short-sighted or lacking in functional logic that they can't see the light then I'll just have to settle for feeling sorry for them. You're amongst a helpful group now. :thumb:

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You are not crazy! You're wise to be prepared and have a type of grab and go pack. Always start with the basics for your 72 hour kit. 3 days food rations, 3 days water & a shelter will get you started. A great web site to purchase these items is They carry high calorie food bars 3 day supply as well as 3 days supply of water pouches and also orange 2 man tube tents that are cheap. Once you have these three items in your pack start adding more essential gear. Other suggestions are a good folding knife, multi tool, water purification tablets, water proof matches, signal mirror, small fishing kit, emergency blanket, 7 strand 550 paracord a reliable flashlight, small sewing kit, duct tape, one quart canteen, jacket and extra clothes. The list goes on, but pack what you think you can get by with.
I hope this helps you get started if you have not already done so.
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