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This is my EDC System

Located in the front pocket of my SwissGear Fanny Pack
-2 Zebra Expandable pens
-1 Mini Sharpie
-1 business Card holder
-1 change purse

Located in the back "main" pocket of my SwissGear Fanny Pack
-1 Notepad
-1 Streamlight Scorpion LED
-1 Leatherman Charge ALX
-1 Fox40 Whistle
-1 Cheapo Compass
-1 Spyderco Delica 4
-5 or 6 band aids
-1 gauze roll
-1 toothpick wrapped in label paper backing holding Medical tape
-1 toothpick wrapped in label paper backing holding duct tape
-2 backup CR123As for my flashlight (note shown)

On a Carabiner attached to the strap
-1 Res-Q-me vehicle rescue tool

Items held elsewhere on my person
-1 Cheapo Carhart wallet
-1 Motorola VA76r cell phone.

A few upgrades that are coming soon to make this system more portable include...
-Streamlight Stylus Pro
-LM Juice S2
-Maxpedition Versipack OCTA (because of the molle webbing to add the following pouch)
-Maxped CP-M Cell phone case

The Stylus pro is a better light than the original stylus by streamlight but is more compact so it is a great value for it's size. I'm streamlining some of my kit to make it something that is comfortable to carry 95% of the time or better. The LM Juice S2 is a smaller more compact tool that will allow me many of the same tools as my Charge ALX but in a more compact tool. Both of the bigger items that are being replaced are going to be integrated into my EDC bag that will be with me most of the time should I need more screwdrivers from the LM Charge ALX or a more powerful light from the LED Scorpion. I need to order a new pocket clip for my D4, the original broke. I'm thinking of the Maxpedition Versipack Jumbo for this EDC bag because it has the Molle webbing to add stuff to my kit for easy access while giving me a decent amount of room for basic every day items that will come in handy. All the while if I leave the Jumbo in the car or at my desk I'll still have basic tools in the OCTA on me at all times. The only reason you don't see a gun anywhere is the fact that in Canada unless the gun is for your job you can't carry one.
If someone could tell me about a good compact EDC Self Defense knife I'd be grateful. I will worry about if it is legal in my area when I see what is proposed. I call my lawyer:cool:

So what do you guys EDC???

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front left pocket;
wallet i
cell phone

front right pocket;
Gerber clip on knife
Fisher space pen
car keys with
pill bottle holding aspirin,

back pocket

going to change
aspirin to baby aspirin and benadryl
thinking about getting a cell phone holder for the belt

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I always have on me. Smith and Wesson 340 Ti .357 Mag in pocket holster and 2 speed strips, Surefire Lumamax L4 Light, Spyderco Military Folder, keys- small compass and p-38 can opener on Carbiner, Wallet, and $300 cash hidden, small lightweight Mike Sanders Custom Pocket Knife, one or two Mont Blanc rollerball pens, spare truck key (in case of lock out), Cell Phone. I sometimes substitute the S&W 340 for a Glock 27 with a spare mag in 2 pocket holsters. The BOB is in the truck, or I have another "Get Home Bag" and clothing at work.

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I never go out of the house without:
wallet with at least 20 bucks cash cc cards ID
I ALWAYS have my victorinox officer and 90% of the time i carry a large folder as well.The one in my pocket right now is a Boker Kalashnikov 74 automatic.
pen,and sharpie
leatherman wave
and last but not least,the absolute most important piece of gear that is always with me wherever I go through thick and thin, Is a little shiny blue rock that my daughter gave me.

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In pockets.......
-Wallet w/ 2 debit cards and minimum $100 cash.
-Photon light on keys, and usually one of several Surefires.
-Colt pocket knife.
-Glock 26 w/ 9mm. +P Golden Sabres.

In small backpack that's always close....
-Streamlight 4AA LED light
-faux-Leatherman multi-tool
-small digital am/fm tuner
-spare batteries (CR123,AA,AAA )
- band-aids and aspirin
-bottle of water
-(winter) gloves and watch cap
-spare sunglasses
-two local maps
-dental floss
-couple feet of paracord (just found it the other day and tossed it in:D:)
-handful of change

And i'm sure there's more........:rolleyes:

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Cell phone
surefire G2
Springfield XD 9mm sub-compact
gerber folding knife

Now what I keep in my truck is a whole different story.
extra socks
extra sweat shirt
a couple bottles of water
fire extinguisher
first aid kit
tow straps
100 ft of paracord
stanley fubar
road side emergency kit
4 flash lights
extra magazines
my Get Home Bag
work gloves
box of granola bars

^these are just some of the things that are in my truck at all times.

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Glock 23 on hip or in a 5.11 undershirt
Surefire E2B backup
Kershaw Limited Edition Scallion
Keys- with victorianox knife with thumbdrive and flashlight, firesteel, P-38
10'+ of 550 cord on keychain and bracelet

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-woodland camo hat (cold/hot weather adjustable)
-browning baseball cap headlamp clip
-a lot of paracord in 2 cobra bracelets

-Gerber multi tool
-mini tool pouch
-gerber clutch
-small browning folder
-peanut lighter
-bits for my gerber multitool
-elctrical tape
-duct tape
-fenix eo1 flashlight
-3ft measuring tape
-mini pry bar

In my pocket
-wallet (wallet stuff, id cards ect)
-roll of cash and quarters
-spyderco tenacious folder or kabar combat knife (depends)
-some tissues
-homemade first aid kit.. (its packed!!)
-lucky penny
-cell phone
-altoid survival tin
-smaller survival tin

Altoid Survival tin
-3'' ruler marked on the outside
-2 highway maps taped on the outside
-2 bandades
-3 sq ft tin foil
-fishing line
-snare wire
-sewing thread
-fire steel
-safety pins
-p38 can opener
-mini LED light
-tiny glowstick
-mini hacksaw
-razor blade
-sharpening stone
-match striker
-wire saw
-that thingy that makes threading needles easy

Smaller tin
-extremly tiny hacksaw
-fishing line
-snare wire
-safety pins

The tins have similar stuff but the larger one has more. I probably have more packed in them than I can remember. Yes I carry two because they fit nicely in my pocket.

It sounds like a lot but everything is light and compact and I use it all.

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ok guys- Remember I am from Australia and our gun culture isnt quite up there with yours. So the people that reported they carry the gun at all times- do you really mean AT ALL TIMES?

ie - oh - feel like getting a DVD and some takeaway.. better not leave the house without my gun. -- is that how it is?

I just cant get my head around that kinda thinking. Call me unprepared or an optimist but yeah.. just don't get it.

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EDC not including pens, cash, keys and other mundanes or what's in the Saddleback leather laptop bag.

Glock 27 .40 with +1.
Bianchi IWB 35
SOG Flash II
Leatherman Wave
LED with strobe
Brunton lensatic
The shemagh under it all stays in the bag or around my neck depending.

Tomorrow when the light is better I'll get some shots of what I carry in the bag, Saddleback Leather, they really will outlive you. (not a salesman, just a believer/owner)

As for:
So the people that reported they carry the gun at all times- do you really mean AT ALL TIMES?

ie - oh - feel like getting a DVD and some takeaway.. better not leave the house without my gun. -- is that how it is?

While the odds against you being a victim of violent crime are high, if you happen to be that 1 in 15,000 well, if your defense was the odds are against it vs carrying the ability to actually defend ones self, I'd rather be carrying than betting I won't be "the one".

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Taurus PT-111 Millenium Pro & Extra Magazine
Spyderco Military or Benchmade 710
Boker Subclaw in Kydex Neck Sheath
Gerber multitool (Medium sized)
Pocket Flashlight
BIC Lighter
Cell Phone

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Well, at least the OP didn't say he carried.
On another site everyone has a Glock. It's like they pass them out as you post.
And no, I don't have a Glock.
Can't carry at work and don't want gun in car to worry about being stolen.
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