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My house is currently up for sale and this is a really very BAD market! It's like a 5 day fishing trip and not one single nibble.:( My Realtor and I do not have a "business" relationship because him and I have a personal family connection. Therefore we are often having private personal conversations, and often discuss how the market is fairing with our local micro region.

My Realtor calls me and tells me we did have a small nibble but it was short lived. He received an inquiry and he emailed them the MLS of my house. He then received an email back saying that after they did a drive-by, they realized the yard is too small for a garden. I went panic.... I told him.... get me their phone number! Get them to my house! I will SHOW THEM exactly what to plant where.:cool:

Now keep in mind, these past months I've been lurking the Real Estate websites window shopping for my next home, which will be 2 states away. I honestly don't think people realize what can be done with a small lot.

I had BIG PLANS for this property, but then a few years ago realized that I would not stay in this region much longer so I never fulfilled my dream of what potential this property has.

My lot is 53x132 with a 1304 sq ft house and a 2 stall detached garage 20x25. That doesn't leave much yard left..... yet......

The south side stretch is very close to the neighbors house. We are sort of sandwiched next to each other. But there is enough room (and day long sun) to line 5 Blueberry Bushes along the south side of the house.

The detached garage is located at the back alley. There is 5 ft wide of yard between the back alley and the garage wall. That entire wall can be lined with raspberry/blackberry bushes. Keep in mind the garage is 20x25.

The front house faces east, so the back yard is west, with full south sun. In the back yard, along the north side you can fit 2 fruit trees. You do have to be selective however. Google.... Fruit Cocktail Tree or Fruit Salad Trees.

*don't forget the space under the Fruit Trees. For example, chives and garlic are considered an excellent companion with Apple Trees*

In front of the 2 Trees you build a grapevine fence running east to west. You should be able to fit 4-6 grapes there. Since grapes grow up on the fence, you've got all that ground space underneath. How about Strawberries!!!:thumb: Maybe there are some herbs that make excellent companions to grapes?

I used to have the companion planting thing all figured out, but that was years ago. I'm not sure if grapes and strawberries are good companions, but you get the jist of the plan.

I do have a backdeck, and I did have the entire deck loaded with Earthboxes. There is the sidewalk from the back door to the garage. That runs east to west. Line the sidewalk with Agro Tower Pots.

In the backyard, along the south property line, have a clothes line stretched east to west. This is the vining climbers, that will create a living fence to offer you privacy against that pesky neighbor. It's about 40 ft.

The remaining yard you can till under for conventional gardening, or raised beds for the intensive square foot method, or whatever you choose.

And, the neighbor has 3 massive Maple Trees and all those leaves will end up in this yard. Set up a 2 8x8 compost bins in the garage. Yes... I did say in the garage. Afterall, you've run out of yard space by now.:rolleyes: And 2 8x8's won't even be enough for all those leaves, but you will still be able to fit one car in the garage. The other vehicle can sit outside.

OH HECK.... park both cars outside and you can have a very impressive heated garage, thanks to compost. LOLOL;)

Don't forget the front yard. That would also be a great place for another Fruit Tree. Yes, it's a tiny lot, but you can get more variety in here than you think.

Maybe I can get your brain turning about your property. People really do need to rethink their potential.

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Thanks for the ideas! We have a very similar space, but our house is only 700Sqft. 20x25 carport and 50x100 lot. Our lot sits north (front yard) south(back yard), but is very clay filled dirt, so everything is in raised beds. And the fruit trees keep dieing :(
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