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What blade would You recommend?

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Hello again.

I've tried to get some help here under different nick yesterday but I got banned for spaming - I guess it was because I did put link to my page in the post - I am sorry for my mistake.

Now I post the same question without any links and hope to get some answers as it is really important for me/us. Thanks in advance.

Me and a couple of my friends created a project - a list of 149 Things that we must do in our lives (I can give link on PM if someone is interested).
We want to show people that even with limited funds and other obstacles You can do amazing things. Moreover - You can make Your dreams come true.

And now back to the "I need advice" part

Our Thing 002 on the list is called: "72 hours with a Knife in a Forest".
There will be 6 of us (at this moment) and we want to spend 72 hours in woods with only "clothes on our back and a knife in a pocket".
No lighetrs, no matches, no food, no water, no nothing :p

And finally the question - what survival knife would You choose for such an event? It has to be multi-functional so we can cut wood, maybe scrape some fish, etc. It will be used for everything.

And how would You do it? You think every one of us should have the same kind of knife? Or should we choose different ones to have more varied equipement?

I would really appriciate some answers as I believe there are many Knife Experts here who can share their wisdom.

Regards :)
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I recently did this myself. The best advice I can offer is don't eat the moss on the south side of the tree. Here is my results...

All kidding aside. Im worried about you. Welcome to the forum BTW. One sip from a funky water source you will need a hospital or die. Do you guys have any training, and lots of practice?

I ask only because if you did you would be telling us about you knife choice. I think its a great idea, and if you got the skillz that would be an awesome experience.

If it was me. I want a Leatherman Wave.
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