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I was thinking today about what events I need to be prepared for.

Truthfully, my long term goal is to be nearly completely detached from society, and to live as self sufficiently as possible. Right now however is a different story.

My daughter is enrolled in an early college program as a freshman. In 2013, she will graduate with a high school diploma and a college degree. My son will be following behind her and will graduate 2 years later. Both will have scholarships to go on to state colleges and get their BS degrees within a year and I plan on pushing them to do that.

As if that wasn't enough, I finally made the decision to go and get another degree in the medical field. My main reason for this was to finally get a marketable skill. I have two other degrees but they are both in fields that are in decline. I am confident that a degree in this field will mean a good job is in my future.

Another reason for this is medical training and knowledge MIGHT be a very useful skill someday.

The two most pressing SHTF issues to me both revolve around the upcoming presidential election.

1) If Barry wins, there will be an almost immediate attack on my 2nd amendment rights. He will try to push another ban on America but this time it will be permanent and include handguns as well.

2) If Barry loses, there most assuredly will be riots.

Long term, I think our economy is falling apart. We are borrowing too much money and our government is destroying itself trying to take care of so many "disadvantaged" groups. Our manufacturing base is being exported to China. Someday soon, our country is going to go through a severe financial crisis and printing more money isnt going to be able to dig us out of this hole.

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We agree,

100% If obama looses riots everywhere. If he wins he will destroy what is left of our country. I think he's a arab plant.

Keep your senses sharp and your weapons loaded and ready.
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