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Saved this for last...foolishly...but I'm getting to it this week.

The list:

Nasal spray
Cough medicine
4 bottles of peptol
Hydrogen peroxide

What else am I missing?

This is just basic stuff I want to have on hand

If I get shot or really sick there's a nurse practitioner and a nurse in the neighborhood...but as we all know with no hospitals I may be SOL

Swirl Herder
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Potassium Permanganate
Burn Gel/Cream/Dressings
Lidocaine cream/powder (tattoo local anesthetic)
Eye drops/cream
Triple antibiotic cream
Calamine lotion
Glycerine (Glycerol)
Antifungal cream
Aspirin (can do things Aleve and Advil don't)
Scalpels and handle

For Trauma:
Israeli bandages (small 4" and large 6")
Chest seals
Nasopharyngeal airway

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Since you're talking medical, a trauma kit would be good to add. Something like a NAR IFAK at minimum.

Also, ace bandages, travel first aid kits, splint rolls, israeli bandage, quikclot or similar, tampons and menstrual pads. Never know when you're going to need to stop the bleed.

Wound closure strips, lidocaine cream, medicated powder, antifungal spray/cream, cortizone spray/cream.

Looking forward to what others have to add.

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OK, first, a quick 'aside':
...tampons and menstrual pads..
Yup, for all those times when you get shot in a Women's bathroom, then get locked In-it, and oops, left All yer FAKs out in the car (, there's literally Nothing else at-hand other than seat-covers.. :rolleyes:) Sorry, but.. Just No to this.

..If your suggestion is to have them for 'Emergency menstrual-bleeds', then fine - Otherwise, nah.. Really, there's just No Good Reason to pack those in a Kit - vs - stocking it with Proper packing and bleed-control pressure bandages and dressings. (and, if the "reason" is 'cuz they're "cheap", yeah, uh.. Serious-bleed control is just Not one of those things you 'thrift on', just.. No..)

..For 'what To use' / stock, see below..

..The list:...What else am I missing?

This is just basic stuff ..

If I get shot or really sick there's a nurse practitioner and a nurse in the neighborhood...
Well.. What If the 'nurse practitioner' and/or nurse are the First ones shot - now what? :xeye: My Point is: I think the First thing that's apparent ya should take a little time to 'get up to speed' on - is some Training / education on What to Do with this 'stuff' - and Why and When..

..Of course, I don't mean education on using the "Band-Aids and Advil".. ;) But, for example, Tourniquets aren't really "basic stuff" until you're Trained on them - there are very specific 'When to Use' and 'How to Properly Use' details / other considerations that just "having them" doesn't readily make obvious, ie: 'staging them', etc..

..And, I'm not suggesting that it's some 'super complex thing you need to be a Paramedic to understand', etc, just saying - First, figure out what you need to Do, based on what circumstances you - Might - find yourself in (ie: the above idea of 'what if the RNs are the ones incapacitated', etc..) backed by what you feel you can 'handle' (Can you calmly handle working a 'GSW' / squirting-bleed? etc) - Then - you can decide What 'kits' to Build, and Why..

But don't worry - this Is all stuff you Can 'get up to speed on' pretty quickly, Especially if you get some 'pro-training', locally.. :thumb:

Here's a thread with Quite a bit of Info in it (no sense in Re-posting it all again..) that takes you from some 'simple, everyday supplies kits' / what's In them (and Why..) thru to 'severe Bleed / GSW-kit' contents and treatment considerations (ie: washes / wraps / LOTS of compressors/soakers, etc) and some 'where / what to Buy' refs, etc..

..And, also some good 'How to learn, quickly' resource-ideas, and pointers To them.. :cool:

Also, another good one (for smaller, 'everyday IFAKs', etc)

Fwiw.. :cool:

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SoJ, a woman caught without supplies will be very grateful. :thumb:

You can get a generic pepto pill. I give them to my husband with his pain pills as they can tear up the stomach.

We use a lot of tough strips bandages, antibiotic cream, etc. I have various home care items for him, always a good amount.

In my case he is bed bound and frequent bedding changes so I bought a 6 pack of fitted sheets today on Amazon.

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Antacids - Tums, Prilosec, cimetadine.
MonkeyButt powder, or any powder or a substitute - baking soda, cornstarch, etc., for chafing.
Drawing salve.

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Epsom salt/milk of magnesia
Electrolyte replacement

Magnifying glass(es), preferably lighted - keep both hands free
tweezers for removing foreign objects, ticks, stingers, ect....
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