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Why do we have such a knee jerk reaction to someone saying "gun".
Guns are not the problem, it is folks using them who are ............

Well, you have all heard this before, i am sure. What suggestion do you have to not further gun control, but still hold down the crazies who insist on using guns for terrorist acts??

Arm everyone occurs to me, with training for safety and accuracy.
I understand Swiss people are required to be armed for self defense and response to national armed conflict.
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Thank goodness it was a false alarm, seems that daily something is happening.


South Africa - a bus driver was shot in the foot today -

Florida - a school was locked down when a robber was in the vacinity with a gun (turned out to be a bb-gun, but they didn't know) -

The debate about weather teachers / students should be armed will go on forever.

I suggest a proactive defensive item for the students and teachers, , bullet resistant backpacks and panels, 3 ring binder inserts and ringfolios.

I believe in giving the INDIVIDUAL the ability to protect themselves in some personal way, not just let the authorities do it for them.

For full disclosure, this is my company that produces and sells these items. I started this company because of the fear that I had about sending my own children to their school and the absence of a safety plan for my kids. They had a lock down procedure, as all schools do, but no plan for the children.

My youngest has his backpack with him all day and my daughter (middle school) carries the binder (no backpacks allowed).

Take a look and see what you think,
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