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Well here goes.

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Just found this site. Looks really interesting. I am in to learning how to survive in the coming SHTF period of time ahead of us. I know there is going to be a EOTWAWKI I hope that is right. Things are about to change drastically. For all of us. Looking for more ways to get through it and help others around me do the same.

Right now I am looking for recipes to make Meals in a Bag. To put in back packs. Would like to find easy not a lot of ingredients and complete meals like spaghetti dinner or something. Just rip the bag open put in boiling water and vavoom you got dinner.

Any other recipes and ways to get others to listen, and prepare for the future is great. Thanks so much.

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Gee Thanks everyone. Now if I can just figure out how to go from once place to there othere. I see lots of infor and it says DOWNLOAD. But at the top it says I do not have permission to download so whats the catch?

Also gonna check ou u tube for some of those ideas. Thanks for that. Wow Canada and Oregon and HI and NC this is GREAT! I am so excited to know there are so many of us trying to learn to get through this thing.

I just came for a Constitutional meeting and we were talking about what to do to get ready for this next election year. WE are sailing into mighty deep rough seas and it is looking blacker on the horizon than ever before.

Need lots of infor on how tooo's all of those listed above. But for now I am learning how to navigate around this site. Any tips there?

Thanks again for all the Howdy's.
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