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Well, I've had enough of struggling to button pants. Being out of breath. Feeling tired. But most of all I sure wish my Dad was here to see my son. I don't want my son to say the same thing.

I'm 33. About 6'1" ish, I topped out at 307lbs. This week I decided to completely change my diet. On a normal day I would have fast food for lunch. Maybe a soda or two when I'm home. Raid the vending machine at work.

I've decided to cut nearly all the gluton out of my diet. The only gluton I have consumed is bread. Real bread from the bakery. I have it when I make a sandwich for lunch out of actual chicken or turkey breast. Not those packed together piles of scrap. I started shopping at Whole Foods again because I want to avoid all the garbage found in typical grocery store food.

I've only had one can of pop this week too. No fast food.

Curiosity got the best of me so I jumped on the scale this evening and it read 299. Not bad for a few days!!!

Only 109lbs. to go ;)

Will post an update next Wednesday.

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Great job! Just remember, it's tough at times to stay motivated, and recognize in advance you're going to be constantly tested but it's well worth it in the end. Sounds like you're off to a good start. Try to avoid too many red meats and synthetic garbage. Try as far as possible to cut the sugars from your diet (I know, easier said than done), and definitely cutoff the carbonated beverages, sodas, and caffeine as far as possible.

The foods you want to be eating are fresh greens (lots of them), clean meats (chicken, turkey, fish, etc.), and also make sure you start taking some vitamins as well. Stay away from fried foods and get into steaming your vegetables to retain the highest nutrient value (or eat them raw). Lot of water.

You will lose weight not only from cutting sugars and the crap out your diet, but also by raising your bodies ph level through eating a lot of greens.

I would also suggest a juicer as well. I just picked one up recently and plan to start soon. It's an excellent way to get fresh nutrient value quickly.

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Just a little advice If you want it ,I helped my cousin loose 110 pounds when he finaly made up his mind to do it

Get rid of high fructose corn syrup , hydrogenated vegetable oil , and all soy, your body will thank you

Good luck on your journey

PS drink loads of water
Thanks! I appreciate the support. Fast Food was my addiction. So, with that out of the way means that fried food, buns and large sodas are gone as well. That should eliminate 80% of the stuff you mentioned.

I'm not trying to lose it fast. If it takes a year to get down around 200 then so be it. It may sound crazy, but I was sort of afraid of what I would look like when I lose the weight. Like a pile of loose skin. I'm hoping that if I lose the weight at a nice slow pace that things will go back to their normal shape.

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Thanks! I appreciate the support. Fast Food was my addiction. So, with that out of the way means that fried food, buns and large sodas are gone as well. That should eliminate 80% of the stuff you mentioned.

I'm not trying to lose it fast. If it take a year to get down around 200 then so be it. It may sound crazy, but I was sort of afraid of what I would look like when I lose the weight. Like a pile of loose skin. I'm hoping that if I lose the weight at a nice slow pace that things will go back to their normal shape.
Its not a perceived addiction its very real and powerful addiction

A lot of processed food is loaded with MSG ( Monosodium glutamate) It is put there to make you hungry causes insulin spikes ect

Most people know that alcohol is addictive , but don't that sugar is . It is very addictive , Food manufactures know this well , and put it in everything

When you get the sugar cravings , apples can be your friend :thumb: just make sure you get fiber with it to prevent the insulin spike

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Trust me. I am VERY aware that it is a real addiction. I mentioned this in another post..

A couple years ago I completely stopped eating fast food, fried food, drinking soda, no red meat, no dairy...ALL the bad stuff and all at once.

I think I know what a drug addict or a drunk must feel like when they go through withdraws.

I felt depressed, moody and my temper was off the chain at times. It sort of made me afraid of dieting again. That is why this time I'm going to slowly cut things out instead of all at once.

I worked with a guy who drank Mt. Dew like healthy folks drink water. He stopped drinking it and the weight seemingly fell off the guy. My fast food is his Mt. Dew.

I'm pretty encouraged by the results and it has only been less than a week. I look forward to posting up some results next week.

Thanks guys! :thumb:

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Eating lean proteins,vegtables and low carb is very positive......weight train for 45-60 min 3 times a week and steadily increase cardio for a few minutes the three days you don't weight train and rest on the 7th day and stretch. Eat what you want on rest day within reason....... You'll be golden.

Weight training burns calories 24/7 to repair the muscles. Cardio burns fat.

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if i can make a couple suggestions for long term weightloss and keeping it off.

for one set a goal of 1 lb a week. doesnt seem like a lot but in 1 year its 52 lbs. you will lose a ton in the beginning which is great but may discourage you when you see plateaus.

then you need to find out what your caloric intake is to maintain. to do this use this calculation

seditary IE sits with very minimal activity.

multiply your weight by 11. thats 11 cals per lb.
normal activity. walks around and on feet but still sits while not active. multiply by 12
more active. walking with a purpose. lifting and moving but not strenuous. multiply by 13. this could also be seditary at working but exersise/1 hour of cardo with sweat.
active. which is works hard and sweats heavy lifting and moving. more then 1 hour of excersize a day. multiply by 14.

at 307 and seditary your maintain caloric intake is 3377 cals. if you do not introduce excersize and eat 2750 cals you would drop to 250 lbs in 250 days. drop yuor cals down to 2377 and you will see a drop of 1 lb every 3.5 days. eating 2377cals a day is the maintain caloric needs for a seditary person weighing 216lbs.

dropping glutten can be a great thing. glutten foods are high in wasted calories with very little nutrition. just realize dropping glutten also reduces the fiber intake. so make sure your eating a table spoon of flax meal with every meal(start with a tea spoon. trust me on this)

most of all. dont try to lose it in a month. you will see huge drops being as heavy as you are. dont know your physical make up but if your body mass index is high IE 30 to 35% fat or higher the weight drops quick in the beginning.

and most of all to sustain weight loss slow it better then quick. what i had found was eat the calories to a goal weight. in the case above i would suggest eat the calorie intake for 250 lbs. as you get close to the weight calculate to the next goal weight. id drop that down to 225. then down to 200 then to 190. it will help shrink your stomach slowly. reduce cravings and reduce cheating.

good luck and keep blogging posting.

oh and one more thing. if you dont have a food scale. get one. its the only real way of knowing how much your eating. and use a sight like or sparkpeople. they have places where you can input what you have eaten and give you calorie information. and one other sight is create a recipe and it will give you nutritional information for the recipe. input that as foods in livestrong to track your meals and your weight loss progress.

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You'll get enough 'advice' here but I'll add some.

Processed foods are the worst thing.

That includes anything with corn syrup or vegetable oil, and obviously fast food.

Getting rid of the gluten was probably a good thing.

My wife went on the paleo diet and it worked, and it made a lot of sense.

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i won't propose to give personal advice from experience,, I have none.., I was blessed, or cursed , with a high metabolism,, and an over active pancreas,, I weigh the same 144 now as I did at discharge 45 years ago, and they force fed me to get me enlisted as I weighed 111 and the min for my 5-9 was 118 to get on the bus to boot camp

even now at FD dinners and after drills or meetings guys twice my size are amazed and amused to watch me out away 2 plates overflowing and then dive for ta double dessert followed with 2 to 4 hours of beer after
My family says I embarrass them at weddings & social dinners,,

It is fun, I get to eat all I want, the problem with the pancreas tho is that I can pass out if I do not eat every 2 hours or so..

anyway , back to you... I sincerely wish you success.. and none of my friends who have succeeded had much issue with saggy skin flaps, one woman did a bit as I recall tho,, for a while,,, took it off too fast I guess

But I will wish you well... this may be the most important survival prep you can do, for SHTF or just for if nothing goes wrong with the world

One thing I did hear tho, from friends who have succeeded is that for soda pop drinkers is that some lemon juice in seltzer water is a comfort when you are kicking the sodas,, it give you something to have in your hand and go thru the motions and has the bubbly taste anyway

and they said that the diet sodas actually somehow make you hungrier as they trigger your sugar jones , but do not satisfy it,, but have no sugar so it makes you eat more carbs. I do not know if that is true,, seems someone has a new theory every week..

they also told me TV is not a dieters friend,, it is there to make you hungry and keep you sitting or lying still to watch ads ,and unlike a book , you have nothing to keep your hands busy like turning pages.

I have several friends who got stapled, and looked great in 3 to 6 months, but then gained right back to where they were, because their behavioral modification did not succeed ,,, only 1 has maintained his loss for 4 or 5 years now,

I love food so much, I depend on it so much, I cannot imagine how i would , if I had reason to... manage to cut down on it,, it has got to ve the hardest of all addictions,,

But some people succeed,, and maybe if you keep visualizing yourself succeeding .. you will too .. God Bless and guide you my friend.
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