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Weekly Prep Buys - Progress Without All The Pain!

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My wife and I are "closet preppers," and I regularly stalk this forum for helpful info.

I thought this might be of help to some ...

We now work a "Monthly/Weekly" Purchase System for our regular food preps. We intentionally purchase an extra $12-$20 of food each week with our regular grocery bill for moderate-term storage (with ongoing rotation). We buy things that we use all of the time, anyway, so that we don't have any weird, unusable, items going out of date and rotting on our shelves. Thus, all regular purchases of non-perishable food for the kitchen pantry first make a trip through the basement to be rotated into storage, with the shortest dated items rotated upstairs.

Keep in mind that we also store pasta, rice, sugar, pinto beans, oats, wheat, and popcorn in bulk. (Wheat and regular pasta aren't much use to me, personally, because I have celiac disease/gluten enteropathy, but I figure I can trade it someday).

Here is the list that we use, for four weeks out of each month ...

Monthly Extra Buys

Week 1
___ 4 Cans Corn
___ 4 Cans Green Beans
___ 4 Cans Pork & Beans
___ 4 Cans Black-Eyed Peas
___ 1 Case Bottled Water
___ 5 lbs Sugar

Week 2
___ 4 Cans Sweet Peas
___ 4 Cans Carrots
___ 2 Cans Tuna in Water
___ 2 Cans Vienna Sausages
___ 1 Bottle Chicken / Beef Bullion
___ 4 Cans Diced Tomatoes
___ 5 lbs Sugar

Week 3
___ 2 Jars / Cans Spaghetti Sauce
___ 1 Jar Peanut Butter
___ 1 Bottle Ketchup / Mustard / A-1
___ 1 Box Iodized Salt
___ 2 Cans White-Meat Chicken
___ 1 Box Iced Tea (Decaf Family Size)
___ 5 lbs Sugar

Week 4
___ 1 Bottle BBQ Sauce or Italian Dressing
___ 1 Folgers Coffee (270-cup tub or larger)
___ 10 Packets of Kool-Aid (Various Flavors)
___ 1 Bottle Vegetable / Canola / Sunflower Oil
___ 5 lbs sugar

This list matches our regular use and personal priorities. Everyone's list will ,of course, be a bit different.

I'm just wondering if anyone else uses the same strategy of small, weekly buys in addition to bulk purchases.
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Great List! And very similar to mine...except I additionally buy 4 cans of soup on weeks 2 and 4, and 4 cans of sliced potatoes and 4 cans of Chili on week 1.
I also buy 1 box of Cereal and fruit snacks and 2 boxes of Pop Tarts (grandkids) on weeks 1 and 3 and extra water every week because our emergency source (small creek with pond) is about a 1/2 mile away. I also buy at least 2 additional medications each month for my whole family. (Antibiotics, Diovan, Metaformin etc.)

With 12 of us and 6 pets, were going to need about 6000-9000 gallons for a years supply. :eek:
Rainwater system will be used for gray water ie., dishes, washing, gardens, and flushing. Sure wish we would have put in a pool a few years ago!!
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