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there were times in S. America where people we getting paid twice a day..both pay for work and to vendors because inflation was so rampant that the same invoice would be 17% higher the next day.

I do see much of my preps as investment in that right now the costs are soaring on some items.

You're counting in E so you would have missed our little supply problem just back when our president was elected. folks ran to the gun stores and purchased anything that even looked like a bullet. the result was ammo running for double or more and that was IF you could even find any.
Same with the guns themselves. An AR style rifle backlogged shipment for over a year and they were charging double!
I saw that one coming and made sure I had my "investment" well in hand before the storm hit.

food is the biggest investment area - because it is an item that we simply must have...we know we are going to consume a certain amount each year. So buying on sale, and in anticipation of price increase..just made sense to me. I also did it because I knew what it could be like if there simply wasn't food available to purchase at any price. I have to say even I have been a bit surprised to see some price items now more than triple what I paid less than a year ago.
Makes me wish I had bought even more. Of course I'll continue to stock up even at higher prices..when i find any thing that looks like a I expect that these current high prices will likley look good 6 months from now.
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