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Its actualy funny to have friends complain about prices of foods now. Had a friend who wanted to have me help him with his Long term food plan. When we sat down to talk about it again (which we had ) just under a year ago but he lost interest. He did not like the price increase. I just kinda told him how much he could of saved if he just bought last year he was upset and ask me why I didnt help him sooner. With that I laughted and told him what did you want me to do hold your hand and pay for it myself? Well hes doing pretty good now but I can tell he still acts kinda like its my fault it went up. Ya like thats the problem. And I wont even start to talk to him about gold and silver again. He already knows when I suggested it to him it was around 9.00 and once and 785.00 for gold. So im not gona rub it in he can just do that for himself.
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