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Wax cotton ball

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I've never noticed anyone doing this I saw it on youtube a long time ago. Take a cotton ball dip it in wax and lite.I made 2 of these one larger and 1 smaller I lit the smaller one and it lasted for 35 minutes.the flames were between 3 to 5 inches high and were way wider than a candle flame.It could be useful for cooking or boiling water.Here are some pix I pit my becker bk2 in there for a scale refrence.
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Giving it some thought, here is my hopothesis on vaseline vs. wax cotton balls:

Easy to start: Vaseline cotton balls will start easier

Initial flame size: Vaseline cotton balls will produce a larger ball of flame faster than wax cotton balls. The wax balls will have to melt the wax before it can consume it.

Temperature: The vaseline balls will burn hotter than the wax balls

Duration: The cotton balls will burn longer than the wax balls

Residual: There will be melted wax left over, no vaseline will be left

Wax balls are much less messy, and easier to pack/carry. Vaseline balls have uses other than fire starting.

So, looks like I may have to do some comparison testing this weekend :rolleyes:
Actually there is no wax left over it burns the wax too almost like another source of fuel.When it burns out just flip it over and lite again and there will be nothing left but ash;)
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