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water storage

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Just got 4 food grade barrels for water storage.I have cleaned them with a vinegar and backing soda solution, and plan to do a final rinse with a mild mix of bleach and water. What do you recommend as storage solution.I have seen the mixture they sell for $15. but would like to find a cheaper way. So far bleach is the cheapest way I have found.I plan to get a water filter soon,and will use it when we need to use the water.Thanks
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The above posts contain very good information. Calcium Hypochlorite (pool shock) is fantastic to have available because it doesn't degrade over time like regular bleach. However, if you are obtaining your water from a municipal water supply and not a well, you don't really need to add anything to it as it is already chlorinated. Just change it out every 6 months to a year (I do a year).

A word about pool shock. Make sure you don't buy shock with addititives like algaecides, etc. You want straight calcium hypochlorite. Also be careful how you store it. It will cause metals to rust and it can give off some nasty fumes. I leave mine in my shed.
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