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water storage

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Just got 4 food grade barrels for water storage.I have cleaned them with a vinegar and backing soda solution, and plan to do a final rinse with a mild mix of bleach and water. What do you recommend as storage solution.I have seen the mixture they sell for $15. but would like to find a cheaper way. So far bleach is the cheapest way I have found.I plan to get a water filter soon,and will use it when we need to use the water.Thanks
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If you store good, clean water from a reliable well or a municipal system in clean, food grade containers, you *won't* need to filter it when you use it. A little bit of bleach (8 drops/gal if untreated, or just a drop or two if from your municipal system) and all will be well. If you want to be super careful, just rotate every other year, & life is good.
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