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want to know about dhydrratror .

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want to know if dhydraote if and what to use. for the best for prep..
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I would like to know what dehydrator is the best to use. I would also like to know what is the best food to dehydrate.

I think.....
Good on you babygirl, you made it this far! Welcome!

This is a pretty good starter dehydrator!

As to what to dehydrate, you can start with left over fruits and veggies and herbs, most things out of the garden!
Wide range in prices. Is the price difference justified by performance? :confused::confused:

Not the cheepest, but one of the best. Will last you a long time. 10 year warranty.
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Went by the local Wally World yesterday and they were sold out of dehydrators and vacuum sealing systems. Nearly sold out of canning supplies. The employee doing the re-stocking told me they sold-out of those things for Christmas.

Looks like it was a prepper Christmas! :rolleyes:
Great Caesar's Ghost!

Am I the only one who INSTANTLY sees that this is a sarcastic thread started by the OP to point out the usual and rampant misspellings in both thread titles and in content.

...I'm dead serious
I'm about to buy an Excalibur unit myself. Tired of seeing fresh veggies get thrown away. I just picked a Foodsaver from Costco as well.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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