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Walkie-Talkie Range Boosting

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Is there any way to boost the range of a Motorola Talkabout t9500. This walkie-talkie claims to already have a range of "35 km", but I checked it out and that's only if you are transmitting from an area of very high elevation (mountain) to an area at about sea level. The range on flat gorund is something like 5-6 km.

I was wondering if there was some way to boost the range of the radio like adding a longer antenna or an amplifier or something like that. I'm pretty new to the whole radio racket so please don't go into too much detail. ;)

Thank's a lot guys!
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Bushpukko is 100% correct. while the handheld hams aren't as cheap as the "walkie talkies" they have the ability to reach out a lot further. Also, you can make portable antennas that are easy to store in a small pouch. you can make a fold up antenna with some 300 ohm twin lead TV antenna wire, and use some fishing line, or twine to pull it up into a tree top. it's absolutely amazing what a small height difference on an antenna will do for your range. Heck, in the last ARRL magazine that I got they had a designt for making a high gain directional antenna that your handheld attaches to, and you can actually bounce off of sattelites with it.

ham is neat, and getting the license is very cheap. the test and license is 14$. You can study for it online for free, or buy the book for around 30$. For the book and license it's less than 40$. Your license is good for 10 years! renewing the license is FREE! that means that unless you want to get a higher grade license, you're good for life with that 14$ first license, and free 10 year renewals.
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