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Walkie-Talkie Range Boosting

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Is there any way to boost the range of a Motorola Talkabout t9500. This walkie-talkie claims to already have a range of "35 km", but I checked it out and that's only if you are transmitting from an area of very high elevation (mountain) to an area at about sea level. The range on flat gorund is something like 5-6 km.

I was wondering if there was some way to boost the range of the radio like adding a longer antenna or an amplifier or something like that. I'm pretty new to the whole radio racket so please don't go into too much detail. ;)

Thank's a lot guys!
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Absolutly agreed 100%!! Get your HAM radio licence! It is one of the best things you can do in preparing you and your family for ANY sort of disaster. And you can even pick up used equipment from a hamfest (sort of like a fleamarket only all radio equipment) for what you would spend on a couple of FRS/GRMS radios.

Point in case: In 05 maybe early 06 I had want to a hamfest in Phoenix AZ. I wasent planning on going but was talked into it by a buddy. At this hamfest I won a lottery drawing (only a buck and supports local repeater ops) and won a book concerning highend homebrew antenna design. I purchased a Icom V-8000 bearly used for $65. This is a 75 watt output 2meter mobile transceiver 144-148 transmit 136-174mhz receive. I also picked up an older Kenwood 2meter handitalkie with mike base amplifier and manual for 10 BUCKS!

One of the most important things you will need to do if TSHF is have the ability to gather intell and that means communication. IMO the best way of being able to do that is to become a HAM.

It really is easy. In one of the clubs I used to belong to one of the extra class HAMS was totally BLIND. No vision whatsoever. If he can pass the test anyone can!! All it takes is a small amount of effort and desire and it can be done.

Don't get me wrong because FRS has it's place, but I would not trust my life to FRS. It's ok if your out shopping or a couple of cars going down the freeway to keep in contact with each other but has definite drawbacks. On the other hand, I would (and so have many, many others put their fate in the reliability,and capability of amateur radio.

Hope this helps.

Check out the arrl and qrz. Also eham and look for any local radio clubs. Do a google search.

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