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Walkie-Talkie Range Boosting

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Is there any way to boost the range of a Motorola Talkabout t9500. This walkie-talkie claims to already have a range of "35 km", but I checked it out and that's only if you are transmitting from an area of very high elevation (mountain) to an area at about sea level. The range on flat gorund is something like 5-6 km.

I was wondering if there was some way to boost the range of the radio like adding a longer antenna or an amplifier or something like that. I'm pretty new to the whole radio racket so please don't go into too much detail. ;)

Thank's a lot guys!
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If you want a UHF radio that is compatible with FRS radios consider getting a GMRS license. The first 7 FRS channels are shared with the GMRS service and GMRS licensees can run up to 5 watts and have decent antennas on those frequencies. Also, you can study the rules, theory and the crap that has been recently added to the license exam and get an Amateur Radio License. If all you want is communications amongst you and your family then spring for the $85 GMRS license, no test required. If you want usable communications that are already developed and in place for SHTF situations get an Amateur ticket. You cannot mod an FRS radio legally. Also, even though many people illegally use Marine Band radios on land, its best not to do that. The FCC issues licenses to public safety organizations on marine band channels when the station will be far enough away from a waterway not to cause interference. If you do an FCC search for some of the channels of the marine band you can find police and rescue agencies assigned to those frequencies. Not a risk worth taking, especially when you may have the jack-boot of "its for your own safety" coming down on you.
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