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Walkie-Talkie Range Boosting

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Is there any way to boost the range of a Motorola Talkabout t9500. This walkie-talkie claims to already have a range of "35 km", but I checked it out and that's only if you are transmitting from an area of very high elevation (mountain) to an area at about sea level. The range on flat gorund is something like 5-6 km.

I was wondering if there was some way to boost the range of the radio like adding a longer antenna or an amplifier or something like that. I'm pretty new to the whole radio racket so please don't go into too much detail. ;)

Thank's a lot guys!
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Unfortunately modifying an FRS radio is illegal. Thats why they come with a fixed/non- removable antenna and they are limited to how much output (i.e. wattage) they can produce. In a SHTF scenario the above point is moot. In reality, a HAM radio license is easy to get and the radios are relatively cheap. Also, the infrastructure is already in place to support them. I studied the book and took the practice tests on Found a local place that gave the test, it took me 6 mins and another 10 mins to fill out the paperwork. 2 weeks later my call sign appeared on the FCC database and I was on my way. Not to mention the fact that HAMS are all over the EMS/Emergency mgmt units nationwide. Lots of free information and learning experiences. Just a thought, hope that helped. Jeff KE5UBQ
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