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Hello Team Florida!

I wanted to pass along some info for your awareness. In the interest of brevity and respecting whatever personal opinions you might have on the subject, I'll reign in all my personal ranting about this person and just provide the facts:

- Tom Alciere has taken it upon himself to obtain and publish voter records for several states, including our own. In wading through all of his nonsense and position statements, the best I can tell is that he's doing it purely because he can and he takes great pleasure in other peoples' frustration. Also, he's a nutbar.

- If you are registered voter, and search for your name on the following website:, you will find all of the information you provided to your local board of elections posted there. This may include name, FULL date of birth, address, race, gender, and so forth.

- It doesn't appear that he has broken any laws in publishing this information since it is technically public record. However, if any of you are as concerned about protecting your personal information, home, and family as much as I am, you may agree that this site essentially offers up all the information an identity thief, stalker, disgruntled employee, or other malcontent would need to make a lot of trouble for you, gift wrapped.

- There is a link at the bottom of each individual profile page where you can request that your information be removed, if you are so inclined. I did so with mine immediately upon discovering it, and it the only good thing I can say about the whole episode was that it was removed within a few days.

Whatever you decide, I wanted to give y'all a heads-up.

The battle for privacy in the IT age wages on....
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