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Video - Keeping Your Bearings While Hiking

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Video I put together for AllOutdoor talking about keeping your bearings / not getting lost in the woods.

Dogs were having a great time making this video.

Be sure to subscribe to the AllOutdoor YouTube channel -

Full article -

The gist of the video and article is about land navigational skills. Before heading into the woods, take time to learn basic skills, practice, and then at the very least take a compass reading before heading out.

P.S. The preview image of the video is me. I took the picture using my walking stick, camera and timer. The stick was shoved into the sand, camera sat on top of it, and the timer set.
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You know, I'd have to sit and think hard about the things I do. They happen in the back of my mind. Kind of like describing how to do a three point turn vrs. simply doing your 10,000th 3 point turn.

"My gosh man! You were just a kid, barely into your teens and you were wondering around in forest and swamp hunting squirrel by yourself. How could you not get lost?"

"I dunno. Just always knew where I was."
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