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Video - Jetbeam Ko-01 Flashight Review

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This is a review of the JETBeam KO-01 flashlight. This is a hefty feeling light that uses a single 18650 battery.

First impressions were good.


  • Turbo 1 - 1,080
  • Turbo 2 - 960
  • High - 240
  • Mid - 75
  • Low - 1

Double click the on/off switch and it will activate the strobe. While in strobe, click the on/off and it will go to high.

Hold down the on/off to turn off.

Tailcap is flat so it can be stood upright. Turn it on, stand it upright, and it will help light up a room.

Something I found to be unique, the tailcap accepts quick connect swivels. For the video I took a quick connect off one of my AR-15 rifles, and put it on the light. This means the light can be securely hung anywhere.

External USB port for charging. When charging, there is a blue led under the on/off switch that will glow blue. When finished charging, the led will turn off.

No carry case or belt click are included. To me, the belt clip and carry case are subjective. Some people may use them, while others may not.

Lanyard holes are rather small. However, with the quick connect swivel, do you need lanyard holes?

Overall, I could not find a single thing I did not like about the JETBeam KO-01.

For hiking / backpacking it is a little on the heavy side weighing in at 4.80 - 4.85 ounces.

The external USB port means the flashlight is not waterproof. It can get wet, and submerged for a few seconds. However, the rubber flap that covers the USB port will eventually start to leak.

I give the JETBeam KO-01 flashight a rating of 9.5.

I love how the base of the flashlight accepts a QD swivel. With so many swivels on the market someone should be able to find one to suit their needs with this light.

Each light has a serial number on the head.

The JETBeam Ko-01 is supposed to have overcharge protection so the battery does not over charge.

A 2400 mAh battery is included. Battery is labeled as a JETBeam product.

  • Serial numbered head
  • Overcharge protection
  • QD swivel attachment on the base
  • Brandname battery

It seems like JETBeam has gone out of their way to produce a quality product.

While on, press the on / off to cycle through the brightness settings.

Full disclosure - The JETBeam Ko-01 flashlight was supplied at little or no cost to myself for this review.
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