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A timber company is cutting trees near the farm, so saturday afternoon the dogs and I made a trip over to where they are cutting. I wanted pictures of skitters, and other timber cutting equipment for an article I am writing for AllOutdoor.

On the way home the dogs were getting hot, so I took them along a dried up creek in the hopes of finding water. We found water all right, and a cottonmouth snake on the creek bank.

Buster, my black mouth cur dog acted like he was getting too hot. His movements seemed uncoordinated and he seemed like he was unable to focus. I got them out of direct sunlight and into the woods where we followed a dried up creek bed.

Before long we found water, so we stopped and the dogs were able to cool off.

In the attached pictures Buster is the tan cur dog.

We had a good time, and the dogs love going on walks through the woods.

Beau, the lab mix, he will lay down in a mud hole to cool off. I have seen that dog drink water I would not even filter and drink.

I love seeing the dogs in their natural environment - running free and enjoying life.


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