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Whatever you do, don't fire it. Do not even cycle the slide or put a magazine in it. Do not **** the hammer or snap it.

During "hard times" as we are having today, the prices on specialty items like this plunge. You will not find many speculators willing to pay and wait for a sale. You will not find many buyers with disposable ammounts that have an interest in this specialty piece. Almost 1/4 of our shooting population is unemployed rigth now.

The low end price would be the value of any Colt 70 series pistol in new unfired condition ($600-$1000). Anything above that is totally due to collector demand and will be different on any given day. One collector might want it $1000 worth and another collector might want it $4000 worth. What it was worth at the last apraisal has nothing to do with what it is worth this instant. Many people have a difficult time with the concept of the value of their items falling along with house prices.

Many ot the high dollar collector guns I have seen on the auctions lately have been removed with the reserve never met.
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