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vacum packing seeds

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I have bout 30-40 packs of seeds i was gonna vacum pack them with some dissicant what do yall think thanks
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Ya think in the freezer will be just fine with out vacuum packed
Yep, that should work fine. We've purchased several seed kits that came in sealed mylar bags. They were not vacuum packed, however. Seems like the consensus is to keep them stored with some oxygen in the container.
I've purchased a few of the #10 seed cans. Should I take those out and put in the freezer?
We have our #10 cans of seeds in our storage room - 70 degrees maximum. The label says they should keep for about 4 years or so, but it doesn't say how to store them.

We've been using one can per year and trying to save seeds from the veggies so we eventually won't need the "canned" seeds. After we open the can, we keep the bags in the fridge. Don't know if this is the best way, but it's been working OK for us.
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