I purchased a quantity of these packs at auction and I am looking to pass the savings on as I have learned mountains of info here over the last decade or so

These are just the bags. No frames or straps. You can use these to upgrade your old alice pack or snag one of the frames and strap sets that I will be posting here in a few weeks when I get them in hand. These will also utilize the Army Enhanced Shoulder Straps for the molle 2 system among a lot of other options.

You have your choice of
Grade 2 which is lightly used, possibly stained or professionally repaired but 100% functional. They may have small holes less than 1/2"- $32 plus shipping

Grade 3
Exhibits significant issues that can be repaired but will likely require repairs before usage. Most of the issues are actually with the storm fly or the sleeping system compartment as these tend to get the most wear. $20 plus shipping.

You can contact me directly at 502-523-6866. I respond most quickly to texts.

I also have these listed on Ebay if you would rather buy them through there for your own protection. They are listed under Superior Safety Solutions.

Have an outstanding day!