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Used rifle price check..

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Today I went to a local (Birmingham, AL ) gun & pawn to trade for 7.62x39 ammo and saw several Savage 110 rifles for under $250, one was a .308.

What are they running in decent ( meaning minor dings and nicks ) used condition elsewhere?
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gunbroker can be a bit on the highside at times. That price us good, if the rifle is in good shape. Most run the mill decent used bolt actions are running about 75% of new retail price.

I had a 110 savage in 30-06. Trigger was a rough, but not terrible. Bolt was a bit scatchy. However, this was the farm gun and it was poorly taken care of (always in a dirty truck cab). I could shoot most if not all tin cans at 200 yards while on a bench with factory remmington cor-lokt ammo.
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