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USAID Kabul Bank Fraud Report Classified/Unclassified Version Comparison

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In May 2011, the USAID Office of the Inspector General published a report on the agency’s supervision and oversight of assistance activities in Afghanistan in relation to the Kabul Bank crisis. This report was quickly withdrawn and the Federation of American Scientists’ Steven Aftergood quoted a USAID official as saying that “At the time our report was issued, it was written utilizing information from non-classified sources. After our report had been issued, USAID subsequently classified two documents that were cited in our report. This action resulted in the report becoming classified and we removed it from the web site.”

Now that an “unclassified” version of the report has been released, a comparison of the two versions reveals the classified portions of the report that were concealed by USAID. These sections of the report indicate that a material loss review was commissioned by USAID/Afghanistan and completed in May 2010 indicating that $850 million, or 94 percent of the value of the bank’s outstanding loans, had been fraudulently diverted to “insiders” connected with the bank. The concealed sections also indicate that Deloitte and Da Afghanistan Bank failed to provide this report to USAID for nearly six months.

A comparison of the two reports is given below. Classified passages are indicated by bold text. Some sections of the report have been omitted from this comparison because they contain no significant differences.

anyone else remember the Hand Bank scandal that was essentially a CIA front that laundered drug money from the Air America and other IC drug dealing scams in the 1970s?
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Sounds like heroin all over again.
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