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Commercially Available Individual Water Purifiers

Welcome to the USACHPPM’s Commercially Available Individual Water Purifier database! This database contains a comprehensive listing of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) handheld individual water purifiers (IWPs) sold in the United States as well as some COTS IWPs for sale outside the United States marketed as devices able to produce microbiologically safe drinking water. This database provides USACHPPM’s impartial, third-party assessment of the ability of these COTS IWPs to treat microbiological pathogens. Additional information for each device is also provided to help provide the user a complete picture of these devices. This database is intended primarily for military personnel with missions where traditional field water supplies are not or may not be consistently available. In addition, this database is also useful to anyone in situations where microbiologically safe drinking water is not available. Such situations may include: camping, backpacking, natural disasters, and foreign travel.
To access the database click on the View Database link below. The side bar on the left-hand side of this screen provides more in-depth information about this database and the overall COTS IWP project.

We realize new information comes available from time to time and we may not be able to quickly update our database. We would certainly like to hear from you about new COTS IWPs and new information for existing COTS IWPs. Please click on the Contact Us link located on the side bar to let us know what new information you have or to answer any questions. Thanks, and we hope you find this database useful. If you would like to be notified of new information, changes, or any other updates we’ve made to the database please sign up below.

When possible, data shown was obtained from device commercial packaging, manufacturer contact, or manufacturer website. In the absence of data, USACHPPM personnel attempted to obtain the information through direct measurements or estimates. Many of the device attributes shown should be considered applicable only during ideal use scenarios and may not be applicable under user-specific conditions.

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