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Peak Oil is a very scary problem for the U.S.A. as we have not drilled in the places we need to off shore, Alaska, and in the Western states because of the leftist Greenies and we use so much oil. Our dependency on other sources makes us quite the addict. We need a firm policy of starting to drill now and develop Nuclear energy for power.

I've been told over and over on this board, that "Peak oil" is a myth perpetrated by the industry and governement.

Maybe NOW people will start believing in this problem, now that the ARMY is stating such scary thoughts.

I think drilling will only be a stop-gap measure. we use far too much oil for what we "might" find out there. We need to start developing alternatives.

I dont say this from a " leftist/greenie" POV, but from a concerned persone, who see's our dependance on oil as a real security issue.

The planet is 90% water, why on earth cant we develope better methods of extracting hydrogen from it, and using it as fuel. It would even make the hippies happy, as the only exhaust is pure water that you could drink.

Hell if they could find a way to do it through electrolosys using less energy, we could probably power it off solar, or wind, and the hippies would be even happier!!
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