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Prayer works

Prayer sent, best I could manage.

Miss becky,
Some time ago I posted a prayer request on the Devotional and Prayer forum for a man named Tim.
An old woman where I work told me her son, Tim, had the swine flu.
Tim was in the hospital and barely able to talk.
She was afraid that her son would die.
The next time I saw her, I told her that Tim was on the prayer list. She was grateful.
The next time I saw her, Tim was out of the hospital but still very weak. She was grateful.
The next time I saw her, Tim was 100%. She was grateful.

Many years ago, I visited a friend in the hospital.
He had done a faceplant on concrete from the top of a 14 foot ladder.
The orbital bone under his right eye was smashed, 22 x-rays showed it was true.
He was seeing double because his right eye had no support.
While I was there, an orderly came to wheel him off to surgery.
I helped wheel him to the elevator, rode with him down the elevator and helped wheel him to the entrance to the operating room.
The orderly said to me "This is as far as you go".
I took Frank's hand and said a silent prayer that lasted maybe three seconds.
The orderly wheeled him through the double doors and I left the hospital.
The next day, I went to see Frank.
Frank told me that the surgeon cut his face open to do the surgery, saw that the orbital bone was intact and sewed his face back up.
Frank woke up in his hospital room with clear vision.
Frank still had serious problems, the ball at the top of his femur had broken off at the pelvis and would give him problems for a long time.
He had other injuries as well, but eyesight was not one of them.

There is always hope.

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they have done 2 cat scans on him and he is unresponsive
he was passenger in car w/another boy who died at the scene
his lil' neck broken at the top and he has brain swelling
he on a ventilator and they fixin' to move him to ICU where his daddy afraid they gonna tell him there nothing more they can do....
his daddy is such a sweet/fragile/gentle man....this will kill him i afraid......
this his youngest boy...just turned 21.
thank you all for your prayers and lovingkindness.

i am humbled/honored to b a part of such a wonderful group of folks.
you all are awesome.
more later.

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I am so sorry and I will pray for this young man and for you all.
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