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It's pretty lengthy, so I'll just link to the entire article!

Urban Gardening, by Cordi (at Cordite

Here is a very short excerpt -


One of the issues facing a city gardener is the best method of acquiring plants: Is it better to go with started plants or to set seeds? Each method has its benefits and drawbacks. Started plants are easy, easy, easy—you just buy it and pop it into the ground. Additionally, started plants are usually available early in the season, so you can get a jump on the harvest. The main drawback is that a single healthy starter can cost three or four times more than a packet of seeds, and only gives you one plant. If you plan to garden in a big way in your small space, you could spend almost as much on starters as your projected harvest will be worth, which tends to negate the cost benefit of home gardening.

On the other hand, if you start with seeds planted directly in the ground, your harvest will be later in the season, but your costs will be much lower. Some gardeners believe that plants that aren’t disturbed while growing are healthier and hardier, too. If you save your own seeds, even on just a few plants, you’ll save additional cash. Seed packet labels advise the proper planting time for your region. Some seeds can be started indoors in eggshell cups and potting soil under a south window or grow-light, which can provide the benefit of both started plants and low-cost seeds. Be wary of peat pots. They under went a ‘change’ in the last 2 years and now many people who have used them have issue’s with them breaking down like they are supposed to. It takes so much water to get them to absorb and break down. The risks you run with these ‘new peat pots’ is that because they take so much water, you have to dang near drown them or leave them sitting in water for hours. This can cause root rot to occur, wilting and death of your plants.

Don’t go to the garden store and buy the little biodegradable pots to start you seedlings. Save the paper towel rolls or toilet paper rolls and cut them to size. in half and paper towel rolls in fourths. Place them in a tray, touching so they do not fall over. Fill with soil and sow your seeds. By the time you are ready to plant the cardboard should be soft enough to just bury in the ground. Be sure to completely cover the cardboard.

Build your own homemade seed incubator

Build a seed incubator giving plants grown from seeds a healthy start. Line a box with aluminum foil, shiny side up. Poke several holes in the bottom and then fill a little more than halfway up with potting soil and plant your seeds. The foil will absorb heat and keep the seeds warm. It will also reflect light to help your seeds grow.

For making seed starters, milk cartons are perfect. Simply cut off the top half of carton, punch holes in the bottom, fill with potting mix and sow the seeds according to instructions on the packet.


Keeping a city garden growing well helps it produce well. Plants wilted by heat or that aren’t watered sufficiently during dry spells, or those that don’t get properly ......"

See the rest here!

Check out some of her other articles and tips! She rocks!
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