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What about trying a gravity type filter.

Katadyn makes some gravity filters that require no pumping and will filter 2 litres of water per minute.

The smallest in the range uses a 6 litre bag:

Gravity filters can be used to filter into an open-topped container or to feed directly via the tube into a water bladder or can be used to carry water that is used directly from the hose.

When folded they are very compact and the whole system weighs only 10 oz.

You can hang them up at your camp and use them as an on-demand filtered water supply tank. That is pretty handy when there is a bit of distance between your camp and the nearest water source.

No pumping required.

They also make black bag versions (from their military products range) if the blue bag is too visible for your purposes.

Katadyn even makes a shower attachment for the bag that converts the unit to a bush shower.
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