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After building the rabbit hutch, my wife and I built a couple of hide-away boxes for the rabbits to get into. The box also acts as a birthing box, a place to get out of the cold winter wind, and a place to get off the wire of the cage.

The problem is, the rabbits have been urinating in the box.

The floor, the walls and the bedding material are soaking up the urine. This is creating an unsanitary situation for the rabbits. Something has to be done to fix the problem. So what I did was remove part of the floor of the box.

From what I am observing the rabbits tend to urinate and poop in the corners of the box and cage.

The box was removed from the cage.

All of the old bedding material was dumped out onto the ground.

The bedding material that did not fallout was scrapped out by hand.

Box was turned upside down and placed on a table.

I decided to cut 6 inches off the width of the floor.

Screws were removed from the section of floor that was going to be cut out.

Skil-saw was set to 3/8 - 1/2 inch deep.

Section of the floor saturated with urine was removed.

Sawdust was wiped off the box.

Box was turned back over and placed back inside the rabbit cage.

Fresh straw and pine straw was put in the box for bedding material.


While the box was out of the cage the rabbit was freaking out. She acted like someone had stole her home. She also acted like she wanted to get through the wire between the sections of the cage and get on top of the box that was on her brothers side.

The next morning she acted like she was very happy, as she was running in and out of her box. I imagine she liked her nice clean box not having a stench of urine.

I had to secure the food bowl to the floor. As long as the rabbits could move their food bowls, they would dump the bowl over which would result in spilling their food onto the ground. I am pretty sure the chickens did not mind the rabbits spilling their food, but I minded.

The chickens loved going through the old nesting material that had been dumped on the ground. The stench of urine did not seem to phase them at all.

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You are correct in that rabbits which are penned, such as yours will urinate/defecate in corners. One way to keep your boxes from rotting out is to place urine guards in the corners, and the cut a triangular portion out of the floor in each corner and replace it with hardware cloth stapled on the OUTSIDE of the floor. You put the raw edges on the outside to keep the rabbits from scratching themselves on the edges of the wire.

It is then a simple matter to clean the corners of your boxes with water once a week and disinfectant once a month.
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