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This is an unlikely place to buy preps-Bed, Bath and Beyond. Just got a flyer, prices good til May 24, 2010. They have an LED battery lantern for $9.99. We have one and it's great for indoors or out. Although battery operated, they seem to last a very long time. They also have yard torches for $6.99 and a Topsy turvey tomato planter for $9.99. My neighbor says they work great.
Also Yankee candles (only candles I know that are safe to burn about pet birds) are on sale, PLUS if you buy $20 worth, you get a $7.99 4 pack of smaller candles, I'm thinking of a vehicle emergency bag. Since they're in glass, maybe too heavy for a BOB, but in a car you only burn a candle for 10-15 minutes so lessens any danger of the glass getting too hot.

AND...There's a coupon on the back for $5 off any $15 purchase. Hit your neighbors up for their flyers, good way to start a conversation. "What are YOU buying at Bed, Bath and Beyond?" "Oh. some emergency lighting in case the power goes out during these bad summer storms."
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My DW loves that place, they send her coupons like crazy and she "Feels" she must use them or it's a!

IIRC, will have got some preps of some type from there
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