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Unfortunately, no one can be told

"Unfortunately no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself. "

Even more unfortunate, very few see it. Most, simply can not wrap their minds around such a concept, indeed. All they can see are "conspiracy theories", "lunatic fringes","tin foil hatters", "domestic terrorists", etc. They sigh and roll their eyes at the mention of "the truth" and from the subconscious recesses of their brains, out come the labels and the insults:

"Your tin foil hat is on too tight and it's constricting the flow of blood to your brain"

"It must be a fool moon! All the crazies are coming out."

"You give the rest of us a bad name"

If it's not an insult, it will be ridicule:

"Tell me you're kidding! You can't possibly believe that particular source of information."

But they never really tell you why you can't believe it; not in any coherent way at least.

"Well, if you don't know how and why you're wrong, I am not gonna tell you!"

They have learned to argue in the public school system, where right brain individuality is something that must be eradicated.

These are some of the reactions that anyone speaking about "the truth" is most likely to encounter. They have been programmed in the minds of everyone, slowly, over time and with skill. The number of people who are immune to the brain washing is indeed very small and they are practically alone in a sea of zombies, or drones if you want, and all their efforts at handing out "red pills" are mostly futile.

It's not the lack of access to relevant information that has created this condition. It is the gradual development of a new breed of human that can be blamed. This new breed has been deprived of the ability to see that it lives in a cage, and if in some cases they do see it, they don't mind it at all since the cage is made of solid gold.

Below, I'll be offering a bunch of "red pills" to anyone who wants one. Some of you have already had your Omega moment and therefore this offering is nothing but a nod of acknowledgment about a truth that you already know.

Others won't even bother to make the time. Their minds are made up already and anything that conflicts with what they believe is promptly discarded and absolutely nothing of relevance gets through, particularly so if football or baseball season is in full swing. But this might reach and open the eyes of just one more person and if that happens, it will have been worth the effort.

America; Freedom to Fascism

Fiat Empire

The Money Masters


Terror Storm

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Talk; The end of America

Empire Of Oil: The Hidden History Of 9/11

9/11 Mysteries

Oil, Smoke and Mirrors

The Real Matrix

Prepping = life insurance
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^^^ Hey take Zeitgeist as you may, the only part the lost me on was the "Project Venus" ad in "addendum" and other weird touchy-feely hippie stuff at the end of the original.

Did you bother to look up any of the "claims" on ZG for yourself? At the very least I would cast doubt on what the official story for 9/11 is (I have taken the time to at least read parts of the commission's report that seemed relevant) at the very most, I am genuinely pissed off at the Federal Reserve system and how it came to be.

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Careful Declan! You’re ruffling the wool of all the sheep, and when you threaten their apathy they tend to get quite upset.

And some food for thought, what happend to WTC7? oh lol wait, my bad, people will just ignore that one.
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