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I have been chatting with a few of my respected fellow survivalists and preppers about our chosen way of life in the UK and how in recent years thanks to the sterling efforts of some very hard working people, have created some wonderful , diverse and high quality forums.

Over ten years ago most info sharing and comms had to be done by the letters column of survival related magazines and periodicals such as SWAT, Guns N Ammo, American Survival Guide, BWH, Live Free etc ( yeah I know I'm showing my age).

But in recent years say from 2002 onwards thanks to the hard work, diligence, professionalism and determination of a small group of people, we in the UK are now blessed with a quantity of top notch Survival and Prep forums, heaving at the seams with info, articles, debates, ideas and news.

These small band of far sighted people have achieved a great deal in those brief years.

From Almach on the fairly new UK Preppers site off a to damn good start with loads of interesting debate and information. there's some high IQs on this forum.Keep it up Al the quality of debate is very good.

P2S which is Dark Vengences baby, A high flying very well ran site with some truly amazing people sharing much inspirational material.DV has put in a huge amount of time and effort to get his forum flourishing, I have a great respect for DV, Nirgal etc and what they have done in just over a year.

LUDLOW SURVIVORS, by the enigmatic Mr Daws, A flagship quality multi functional forum that has a huge amount of knowledge and experience, including input from David C Crossley the much respected author of UK based survivalist fiction. They have achieved much over the years as their forum evolved from server to sever. Ludlow Survivors go to great length to further their skills and knowledge base we can all learn from them.

The WIDENING GYRE created at the birth of the internet by Belfasts very own Nemesis, one of the first web based survival forums who was kind enough to help me get UKSG up and running,Its dormant now but it led in the early days, basic stuff but it did lead to the first UK Rendezvous in Birmingham over 10 years ago, we all owe Nick a great debt.

Survival-UK By Debbie, Survivalism and prep from a mums point of view Debbie did much to make UK prep more family oriented

Lets not forget people like BAX ( Canada) Rick Rourke ( US) and KEV ( Texas) for allowing British survivors and preppers to share their forums, often acting as a catalyst among isolated Brits bringing us togther........ MSM Surv Retreat & Secure Home and Survivalistboards.

We really have been given by the efforts of these pioneers a great chance to develop and expand survivalism and preparedness in the UK and Eire, We are truly endebted to this people and the forums they have created. But whilst we have never been better served in such quality and quantity I along with a few others have noticed a thankfully small but worrying trend of Nepotism and Elitism creeping into some places, I have no idea why as I thought we were all in this together. I'm probably as guilty as some others when I refer to the public as sheeple, or let myself get wound up by people that I call armchairs and wannabes, perhaps I should stop doing that and taking people at face value.

Do we need this my forum is bigger / better than yours type nonsense? surely if we practise what we preach about encouraging people to become preppers we should be PROMOTING each others forums, HIGHLIGHTING, not Condemning forums specialities, Encouraging people to visit other forums. For example in the last year I have directly encouraged 12 people who are seriouisly interested in Bushcraft and traditional skills to join Ludlow, I've encouraged a similar amount of people into visiting P2S for its technologists skills. I'm encouraging those with political interests to join the hi IQ mob on UKPREPPERS.

We all have Lurkers as we call them, and Ghost members who never add to the debates of conversations, can we try perhaps and bring them in rather that cut them off? Its only a suggestion nothing more. But at the end of the day we all want to learn, we all want to prepare because we all want to survive. We can do this by cooperating however loosely rather than isolating ourselves.

So can I very respectfully and VERY humbly ask you to please consider asking the forum owners and moderators of other UK forums you use to possibly consider cross posting this little note, and perhaps consider adding links to each others forums.
Either way I still want to express my gratitude to you people who have do some much hard work.
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