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Been re-organizing my Get Home Bag
Poncho. The idea is to get home, not go camping.
I agree. When I first starter preparing, I had everything but the kitchen sink in my GHB. After taking it out for a test hike, I quickly pared my weight down. I have gone to a smaller backpack and carry just the minimum:

2 liters of water (I usually have another liter nearby, so 3 total)
Gun Shot Wound (GSW) kit
Poncho with liner
Whistle/Compass combo
Extra pistol mags x2
Small snack (for morale)
Water purification tabs
Big knife (USAF survival knife, sheath & stone)- the price was right, but I need something better.
Multitool (Leatherman)
Mini maglite (I am going to replace this with a LED headlamp)
Toilet paper

If the SHTF and I am on foot, my plan is to get home to my family or lead my family back home as quickly as possible (i.e. minimal stopping). I plan on avoiding all confrontations. I am in Southern California, so my main concerns are hydration (hot weather) and other people (30 million people within 100 mile radius). I am not too concerned with nasty weather or wilderness survival. I regularly hike with my GHB, which I highly recommend.

1 - 1 of 37 Posts
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