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If the algorithm is correct
By june half the world will be sick
The corona virus
But the economic collapse should happen

Im religious and as i read my texts
Other things seem
Seem to have to happen first
So on the one hand i see this virus
Going out of control
On the other hand im looking for some other stuff to happen first
Anyway i sure hope this fizzles quick
Im sure im not alone.

I use Dr Campbell
And libe feeds from hong kong
And a britt inside China as my info sources.

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it only seems to be in slow motion because of Hollywood. Everything has to be over in 2 hours (for a long movie) they compress how long things take. (Remember Quincy on the TV and Sam's GC/MS that could spit out an answer in five minutes?)...

In real life, this is actually moving real fast. In the old days, sailing from Asia to Europe would take a VERY long time and people would die - so diseases moved over the land route (the old Silk Road).
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