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Tornado and golf ball sized hail

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Luckily the story is mostly crisis averted. We had a tornado warning in our area and headed to the basement. Luckily we faired pretty well, the tornado touched down few miles away in an open field and didn't do any catastrophic damage. Our neighborhood was however pummeled by 60 MPH wind and golf ball sized hail. The roof is toast, the truck is dinged up, the house will need painting, the garden and landscaping is completely obliterated.

Some had flooding in the basement and broken windows but we didn’t. All in all it is mostly superficial, nothing insurance won’t fix but thought provoking. After grieving the dents on my pickup I thought about the garden. Looking down at the stripped stalks of plant debris I was imagining how gut wrenching it would have been if I was depending on this food to feed my family. The zucchini looked like I used it for target practice. Today we can go to the grocery store and purchase whatever we need to make up for it, but if we were ever in a financial or other situation that made that difficult we would really be up a creek. I guess it is just another factor to consider when prepping.

Here are some pictures, keep in mind this is not snow but hail.

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