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What do you guys have in your BOB/emergency bag?

I assume that I won't be able to use my car so it's whatever is in my bag(along with other obvious necessities) should be able to cover most bases.

Here is what I got

1. Multitool, obviously. Currently it's a Leatherman Wave.
2. Folding Wood Saw. Currently, Kershaw Bahco 396HP. Not much needs to be exlpained here.
3. Mini hacksaw. Stanley brand. I got it at Walmart for a few bucks. It's small, lightweight and does the job.
4. Glock Survival Knife. It's a great prybar, breacher,glass breaker, spearhead and should be able to open a lot of tin cans.
5. Stainless Steel Folding Trowler. It's a Walmart brand but is an exact copy of a well known "U-Dig-It" Trowler.
6. Knife Sharpener. Two-sided Diamond Plate.
7. Assorted nails and wood screws.

Total weight is about 2 lbs.

I still need to get a small but strong hard wire cutters.

Please do comment.

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If you got nails, don't you need something to bash them in with? A tomahawk/hatchet would do the job nicely.
Good idea but I am trying to keep the total weight under 20 lbs. I am afraid that a hatchet would add too much weight. I think I can always improvise or just use as big rock.

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Good idea but I am trying to keep the total weight under 20 lbs. I am afraid that a hatchet would add too much weight. I think I can always improvise or just use as big rock.
My head works well.


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Yes, a spare 9mm and ammo will be in the BOB too but I don't necessarily think of them as tools.
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Coldsteel folding bushman.(I am trying it out)
Nail puller
Fat max clippers.
Folding saw.
Titanium spork

Mora 2000
titanium spork
By the way. The SAS dig holes with their canteen cups.

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Tools in my bag.

SOG tomahawk
Leatherman Blast
CRKT Guppie
Country Comm EOD Breacher bar
Gerber slider saw
Rat 5 (is that a tool?)
Mora (same question)

I would like to add some bolt cutters. But If a cop saw them it may make my kit go from urban go bag, to urban burglary bag. Not something I need to deal with.


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Tools & Hardware in my extended BOB (a game cart )(Pick & Choose list. Not everyone will need or want all of it in a backpack BOB)

1 Otis Tactical gun cleaning kit
1 Wenger Survivor Swiss Army Knife
1 Victorinox Swiss Army Work Champ Swiss Army Knife
1 Leatherman Surge multi-tool w/bit set
1 Leatherman Crunch multi-tool
1 Leatherman Supertool 300
1 8” mill file
1 Channellock Rescue tool w/pliers, wire cutter, prybar, and glass breaker
1 Duraworx mini-planting tool (small pick/mattock)
1 Cold Steel Rifleman’s Tomahawk
1 Cold Steel Special Forces e-tool
1 Sven folding saw
1 Pocket chainsaw
1 Grand Shelters Icebox Igloo building tool
1 Glass cutter
1 Stanley multi-tip screwdriver
1 Benchmade pocket knife sharpener
1 12’ sling rope
1 D-handle small round point shovel
1 Cold Steel 24” Latin machete
1 Stanley 18” Entry Tool
1 Stanley 30” Entry tool
1 300’ 550 cord
1 roll Gorilla duct tape
1 12 gauge x 15’ insulated electrical wire
1 16 gauge x 50’ mechanic’s wire
1 24 gauge x 55’ brass wire
1 Roll 3M ¾” x 66’ electrical tape
1 Industrial JB weld
1 Tube of Goop
1 Tube of clear Shoe Goo
1 Small spray can WD-40
1 Small can 3-in-1 oil
12 small screw eyes
12 medium screw eyes
12 small screw J-hooks
12 medium screw J-hooks
12 11” releasable tie-wraps
12 4” 10d nails
4 7” spike nails
4 Mini sharpies
1 Mini spray can orange paint
1 1” x 200’ orange survey tape
1 Blazer PB 207 2500 degree micro torch

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If I was going to carry tools specificly for an URBAN b.o.b. . Aside from the usual knife , flashlight , multi tool and handgun (would be on my belt or in my pockets anyway - not in my b.o.b) - I'd carry a strait claw hammer or hatchet , crowbar or prybar , vice grips and a hacksaw .
I'd probably carry the hammer or hatchet on my belt , carry the crowbar in my hand and put the hacksaw and vicegrips in the bob .

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I have a Buck Camp Ax, its small and lightweight, can be used as a hammer.
If the Stanley mini hacksaw is the metal one, go get the $4 plastic one that ace hardware has, its still plenty strong, I've cut through a muffler clamp with mine. You can get coarse toothed hacksaw blades and double the hacksaw as a wood saw.
One of those all in one wire strippers/cutters/crimpers. Good electricians will say they suck for real use but in an emergency its handy to have something to rig up some wiring. A few crimp connectors, electrical tape, duck/duct tape.
utility knife and a couple spare blades can be handy for when you need to cut something that might mess up your nice knife blade.
vise grips/leatherman crunch
channel locks (or other brand adjustable pliers.
one of those inductive power line testers. You point it at a wire and it tells you if its live or not.
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