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To stay up to date with what is really happening with the H1n1 / Swine flu vaccinations
See the footnote on the page:
"Jane Burgermeister

This site is the official site of Jane Burgermeister and her investigation regarding the flu vaccines, WHO and the criminal conduct of several companies and organisations. Here evidence is collected and presented which, according to Jane Burgermeister, reveals that there is a plan in action to reduce the world population by using contaminated vaccines. Jane Burgermeister shows that several international organisations are involved with this plan as are several international companies. Together these form a criminal syndicate which in secret intend to "save the planet" from what is considered harmful overpopulation."

What a load of BS. Really. Of all the conspiracy theories around, this is one of the worst. To imagine that a lot of people would believe in such claims... have they no critical sense at all?

Next we will hear that Aliens have something to do with it.

If an international criminal syndicate of multiple organizations and governments really wanted to "reduce the world population" I could think of much better ways to do it.
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