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With France floundering, looking like SocGen is going to fail in the next 48hrs, Germany looking to exit the Euro, ECB doesn't have the cash to bail out Italy & Spain, the FED making guarantees they can't possibly make, DOW is looking for a bottom, dollar is tanking, treasuries selling like hotcakes and gold going off the charts...our economy has "slowed" (to be revised later to recession/contraction). Swiss Franc is getting blown out, there is a perfect storm underway as I write this.

We are watching the collapse right now, it is occurring before our eyes but most are not realizing it....

I'm making popcorn and watching the show, could go on for a couple months, could accelerate and be in full swing as early as tomorrow, but here it comes...just hope its not coming with a flag event
IT feels close doesnt it?
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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