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same here. even though our economic collapse will be unique i have no dought will be be closer to the argentina collase than any other we have seen yet. and i believe this will give alot of ppl some idea of what we can expect.although i think ours will be worse.

when ever i am feeling a bit burned out on prepping and have taken a break. i like to read his story it recharges my batteries :thumb:
What gets me are the people who think America is invincible, that we will never go down that road. Our collapse will be different but will also have many similarities. 2 points:

A corrupt police and local government. I know many LEO's are honest but corruption will seep in after a collapse.

"Shanty towns" and all their crime and social problems. I was just reading something on his blog about them. Mass migrant workers set up these towns and there is no getting rid of them. We will have to deal with crime, prostitution, gambling and drug houses, hey not from them but from outside going there because it will be available and they can make money from it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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