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this is a MUST read for all

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if you believe that we are about to see an economic collapse in the U.S. this is a GREAT read on what you can expect to happen. this is the real deal argentina went through and economic collapse in 2000 and this is an accounting of what happen to the country and how the way of life is even to this day. this is a MUST READ !!!

side note: you need to scroll down 1 page on the 1st link because the 1st page is blank
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I just found this current interview with FerFAL and thought it might be of interest.

With a brief teaser quote.

FerFAL: Well, the government as always says that nothing is going on and that everything is fine. As you can come to expect by now, just a few hours later you see the entire country go down and you will be seeing high amounts of an unemployment and there’s going to be a good amount of social unrest. Unfortunately, many of these things are already happening in the United States. So you are seeing many of these signs right now.

thanks, i always love to read what ferfal has to say. in short its a domino effect and the domino's are in motion.
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