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this is a MUST read for all

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if you believe that we are about to see an economic collapse in the U.S. this is a GREAT read on what you can expect to happen. this is the real deal argentina went through and economic collapse in 2000 and this is an accounting of what happen to the country and how the way of life is even to this day. this is a MUST READ !!!

side note: you need to scroll down 1 page on the 1st link because the 1st page is blank
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First week or so of joining this site I found a link to this story. It helped me a lot and is a "must read" for any newbie to prepping. I have used this story to open a few eyes about the world.

same here. even though our economic collapse will be unique i have no dought will be be closer to the argentina collase than any other we have seen yet. and i believe this will give alot of ppl some idea of what we can expect.although i think ours will be worse.

when ever i am feeling a bit burned out on prepping and have taken a break. i like to read his story it recharges my batteries :thumb:
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