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Think It Can't Happen Here?

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Critical U.S. Infrastructure at Risk of Cyber Attack, Experts Warn
Just as the computers that ran Iran’s nuclear program were sabotaged and crippled by a cyber “super worm” virus, the software used to run much of America’s industrial, transportation and power infrastructure -- including nuclear power plants and major airports -- is vulnerable to cyber attack, and two software companies have revealed dozens of successful hacks to prove it.
Remember, the chance of an event occurring that already happened, is never Zero :xeye:
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Soooooooo....this looks like that Stuxnet virus we supposedly sent over to Iran's nuclear program is loose on the web and now its targeting our infrastructure,

Thats funny. Oh the Irony.

Whats that called again?........ unintended consequences....:)

I wonder how much money these guys want to fix it?

Surely this is to justify a bigger budget.

Everyone wants more money, why not these guys.

It's not like the american public isnt going to do anything about it.
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1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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