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Think It Can't Happen Here?

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Critical U.S. Infrastructure at Risk of Cyber Attack, Experts Warn
Just as the computers that ran Iran’s nuclear program were sabotaged and crippled by a cyber “super worm” virus, the software used to run much of America’s industrial, transportation and power infrastructure -- including nuclear power plants and major airports -- is vulnerable to cyber attack, and two software companies have revealed dozens of successful hacks to prove it.
Remember, the chance of an event occurring that already happened, is never Zero :xeye:
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Why use software when you can use hardware (5 men with AK's storm a nuclear reactor and use explosives to damage the cooling systems and containment vessel) DHS is already training for situations like these, but security has not been beefed up at US nuclear reactors. By the time local LEO responded it would be too late. SWAT would arrive just in time to eliminate the 5 threats and then see the coolant boiling out of a damaged reactor. Terrorists as we know do things in bulk, ie multiple airplanes not just 1, therefor I assume they would go after 5 reactors, not just 1, complicating an already complex NBC threat.

I have a NBC suit and Mask for everyone in my family with a dozen filters per person. This is not for Japan or some other crazy event, it is because the terrorists are already planning their next move which DHS, CIA, etc. think may be on nuclear reactors and/or detonating a dirty bomb in a major city or 5.
As far as I know, the Department of Energy already has SWAT/ Special Operators at all of the nuclear sites and facilities. They don't advertise openings for it; if you're qualified, they recruit far as I know.
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I agree with you about the "illusion of security." Five men whom know what they are doing could take out a nuke center. A few more wouldn't hurt. I think a couple of snipers/over-watch providing cover and taking out targets of opportunity and a team of about five commandos could completely take out the resistance of the center. It's scary to think about, but I'm glad that at least we have security professionals guarding these areas. You can't plan for everything, but like Nevada said, intel is the name of the game in prevention.
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